Vintage DB 73: Robby Baier’s “Anchorage,” DB 18


Pulled from one of our more recent issues is this week’s vintage piece from musician Robby Baier that’s sure to be easy on your ears. Appearing previously in DB 18, Baier’s song, “Anchorage” uses nautical metaphors to carry listeners away on the tide of his lyrics, accompanied by the soft swells and dips of his guitar.

“Sailing an ocean of you, your spray is on my skin
and the flags on my mast are flying high again.
And my sailors are tired; I should search the view for shores,
but up there on deck they’ve been a-dance between the oars,
sailing an ocean of you…”

Robby Baier is a music producer, multi-instrumentalist and an award-winning singer-songwriter. A BMG recording artist in Germany in the 90’s, he now runs SubStation Studio in Housatonic, MA, where he produces records for clients and writes music for film and TV. His credits include the Oscar-nominated documentary  “Ferrytales,” “Drowning Mona,” “Strawdogs,” and numerous TV shows and ad campaigns. For the last 10 years he has been the lead singer of the award-winning rock band, Melodrome. For more of Baier’s work, visit his website:

Click here or the photo above to listen to “Anchorage”

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