Call for Bulgarian Literature and Art

Drunken Boat, international online journal of the arts, is pleased to announce a special call for art and literature by emerging and established Bulgarian authors. This folio will appear in Drunken Boat‘s 23rd issue and will be curated by T.M. De Vos.

We are currently seeking art, poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, multimedia, and hybrid-genre work for simultaneous publication in Bulgarian and in English. Submissions will be considered through January 15th and should be emailed to T.M. De Vos at tmdevos3 @ gmail.

3 thoughts on “Call for Bulgarian Literature and Art

  1. Christopher Buxton

    Dear TM De Voss
    I have tried sending my submission to the email address quoted but this does not work! So i’m trying via this link. Can you please confirm receipt?
    Re Drunken Boat call for Bulgarian literature in translation – I am a translator of contemporary and classic Bulgarian literary texts into English. Many of my translations can be found on my website: under writing/translation.
    I welcome any initiative that may bring attention to Bulgaria’s fine contemporary writers.
    I would like to propose the following translations which I attach in English. authors are aware of these translations and I have their approval for publication. If any of these catch your fancy, I will get in touch with the authors so they can provide the original language versions.

    1. Jordan Svezhenov is a young novelist, published by Ciela, he writes multi-strand unpolitically correct satirical novels that reflect the impact of criminality and political division in Europe following the collapse of communism:

    2. Alexander Urumov is a satirical short story writer and dramatist. His story The Hollow captures quintessential elements of Bulgarian village culture

    3. Vasil Georgiev is a lawyer and writer. His surrealistic short stories are capture the Bulgarian post-communist mood.

    4. Zach Karabashliev spent a significant period in California where he wrote a novel and an award winning collection of short stories. His take on that ambivalent immigrant feeling is well captured.
    5. Poetry – Margarita Petkova is a talented witty chronicler of love’s pleasures and disasters:
    6. Poetry – Zhivka Ivanova



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